Friday, August 28, 2009

A Return Home

Last evening, our son returned home to us from his 2nd tour in Iraq,

So now, once again, the transition to back to "real life" begins anew. How many times are we as Americans, not to mention all the other sons, daughters and families affected going to experience this event as a result of immoral and costly - in so many ways - military adventures!? Before we all stand up, at least those of us that are rational and not blinded by the mindless hatred and vitriol of the Right Wing?

We have battles at home to fight, do we not? Battles for fairness and affordability in health care and housing; education; jobs; jobs; jobs.

We have battles to fight to win back spirituality from the immoral leadership of so-called Christianity and Islam and Judaism, etc. in the United States and abroad. At least as far as Christianity is concerned, how out of touch from the loving teachings of Jesus can we stray before divine forces or karma or whatever you choose to call it turns the tables on us?

While self-described leaders of Evangelical and other congregations make millions of dollars through book sales, radio and television programs and guilt-based pandering for contributions, many of them preach violence and hellfire against physicians that operate within our nation's laws, supporting domestic terrorism. Imams in Islam support and encourage the strapping on of bombs for suicide missions, thinking that the Prophet Muhammad's teachings - his original teachings - justify murder and will send their practitioners to heaven for crying out loud.

In the health care battle, where are the religious leaders when it comes to following and preaching Jesus' teachings regarding caring for the least among us? Scripture, it seems, be it Christian, Jewish, Islamic or anything else, is twisted daily to justify selfishness, lack of caring, murder and war.

I'm not so sure that Jesus, in particular, would be similarly inclined.

Our religious communities are led by hypocrites and non-believers. They have infested politics and poisoned the public mind, here and worldwide, with lies and distortions.

I just spent the past hour or so calling many of my elected representatives in Washington. You know, the ones that we elected in November for change? The ones that are supposed to listen to the will of the majority of their constituents and Americans, most of which are in favor of a public option in health care reform legislation, for example, most of which want our troops in Iraq and now in Afghanistan to be returned home, the ones that want the large banks and financial institutions to "PAY" dearly for their bailout as a result of their recklessness in speculating in our financial affairs?

At least here in Colorado, many of our elected Washington representatives seem willing to stand for anything - except re-election, that is. I'm sure it is no different anywhere else.

Isn't it time, really time, that we force the folks that we elected to stand up?